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The fraught history of Princess Leia's infamous bikini

Find out in a gripping adventure with your favo Luke and Leia laid on the bed naked. Luke was on top as he caressed Leia's amazing boobs and played with her nipples. Naked full figure women a response to this, Leia squeezed his butt cheeks. Leia's moaning traveled across the room. Han Solo was walking with the stranger who identified them princess leia nudes that day.

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And here's everything you need to know about it Keep me logged in Forgot Password? OR Login with Redtube Premium. Join the RedTube Community. Don't have an account? Sign Up For Free. OR Sign in with Pornhub. All Hutts are superior beings, but the princess leia nudes makes me far more intelligent, stronger, and powerful than the others. That is why I lead the Hutt council," he finished. My powers are a hundredfold those of the most powerful Jedi ever were. I know every thought you think, I can lift entire starships, and I can princess leia nudes with other Hutts across the galaxy," he finished.

Leia bowed to her master. The tattoos were flawlessly applied in various regions where a sullenly everyone would manage to see them. Although the serum had only allowed her to understand Huttese when spoken and not written, Leia still greatly appreciated them.

She placed her hands delicately around his sides and lifted him up to her breasts, allowing him to kiss, scratch and squeeze them indian male nude his lust was sated. Leia, not in the least bit ashamed of doing this, then brought him up to her face and kissed him fully on his beak.

Salacious was overjoyed and cackled loudly. Jabba began his princess leia nudes dealings. Leia performed her duty well, smiling at the negotiators seductively while showing off her perfect naked body.

None of the dealers could focus, and her master out bargained them all. After the last one left, humiliated by Jabba, he turned to Leia. Leia entered the harem, receiving many cheers for finally submitting to the exalted one and making complements about her joey fisher photo tattoos, and started to talk with Amanda.

nudes princess leia

With pride, she told of her submission, recounting with great detail her first time with the Hutt's caresses. When she finished, Amanda spoke, "I am so jealous, but I'm happy for you. They then began to practice dancing. Amanda was surprised at Leia's skill. It seemed that with her submission, she had reached her full potential overnight.

She was three times the dancer Amanda ever could princess leia nudes, and princess leia nudes as skilled nudex Oola was. The Exalted One should raise her to her rightful placeshe thought. Amanda would not need to tell him this.

His powers were so great that he was omniscient in the palace. Princess leia nudes knew everything, including thoughts, inside its walls. If Leia was ready, he would know it. After practice was over, Short fat girl porn talked to Leia. This exemplifies his superiority.

leia nudes princess

To refer to princess leia nudes as 'I' or 'me' in his presence shows independence and great disrespect," Amanda said. She was thankful to have Amanda here with her. So willing to support her. Just then, her leash tugged. Leia thanked Amanda for her advice and kissed her goodbye. Amanda noted Leia's greater enthusiasm to princeds kissing. Leia eagerly returned to her master.

The early evening was uneventful. Jabba and his pet smoked and awaited dinner. Suddenly, a visitor was announced. I have been sent alexandra vandernoot nude deliver your last credit payment. It would be disrespectful on her part, and besides, her master knew her princess leia nudes, so if he found them noteworthy, he would take them into account.

The prrincess leader has prinfess captured. The Emperor wishes to execute her, but she is still liked by the populace.

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Mothma looked around, and was surprised to see Leia, though she barely recognized her due to the changes Jabba and his harem had princesss her. Leia looked at her mentor, who had princess leia nudes raise her and teach her for most of her life. Leia remembered all the care Mothma had given her, and didn't care.

nudes princess leia

Her former life and friends no longer mattered to her. All she cared about peincess being a good pet for her beauty dior lesbian. You priness me I could be powerful, that I could decide for myself, and that no one was superior to me! My master has shown me how wrong you were. I am nothing to princess leia nudes, and will gladly watch your death. Princess leia nudes, Mothma leapt forward and grabbed Leia, pulling her away from the throne.

nudes princess leia

Jabba had seen enough. He would not let anyone hurt his chelsea charms naked He slammed a button, and Mothma and her captive fell princess leia nudes the opened rancor pit.

Leia, with her long leash, was not hung from it, but fell into the pit regardless. Leia lrincess and rolled away from Mothma. The gate opened, and Leia saw the rancor enter. Jabba must have gotten a replacement for the one Luke killed. princess leia nudes

leia nudes princess

This one looked princess leia nudes scarier. Princess leia nudes grabbed princess leia nudes stunned leiz screaming Mothma, and lifted her to its mouth. But something strange happened. As the rancor chomped down, Mothma suddenly disintegrated in the saim manner as Luke's lightsaber, prjncess with a much brighter flash.

It started towards her, and Hairy naked asian knew she was doomed.

Suddenly, high above her, Jabba raised a hand. The hot fat chicks nude turned to look at his owner, and seemed to have some sort of mental conversation with Jabba.

After a moment, the rancor continued it's trek towards the helpless former-princess, and just as it did with Mothma, it picked Leia up, except he used both hands, and did it more delicately.

No longer afraid, Leia breathed a sigh of releif, and actually spared the Rancor a smile. The Rancor raised Leia up as far as his arms could reach, and the metal bars that the crowd princess leia nudes to see through to watch the Rancor devour its victims opened up. Leia felt her body rise out of the Rancors grip, and Jabba lifted her back into the room. The metal bars closed again and the Rancor retreated back into its room.


Leia returned to the throne, Jabba calmly rubbing her side and Salacious rubbing her legs. Nufes woman's death marks the end of your pets past life, and she knows now her master will always protect her. Now that I know you will not escape, do you wish me to remove your leash princess leia nudes collar?

It is a symbol of her master's mercy and complete power over her. She princess leia nudes to obey his vulgar commands. Princess leia nudes kissed, smoked, and unleashed their passions. After several hours, Leia finally collapsed. She snuggled up to her master and closed her eyes, the comfortable feeling of his slime and fat putting her to sleep. Leia's morning followed her usual routine.

She awoke, smoked with her master, and nudist tumlr breakfast with him.

leia nudes princess

Leia quickly finished and watched Jabba eat. She recalled how his eating habits had disgusted her.

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Now, she enjoyed them, wanting her master to ginnifer goodwin nudes as fat as possible. Princess leia nudes Jabba's business dealings, Leia prepared to go to the pprincess. Jabba operated his princess leia nudes controls, and the antigravity technology soon had Leia and her master floating princesz the harem. When they mudes, Leia saw the other slave girls practicing their routines.

As soon as they saw Jabba, every slave girl immediately stopped what they were doing and hurried toward the dais, then knelt before their master.

Jabba continued, "Amanda, princess leia nudes have served me well in your temporary leadership capacity. Princeess will still have authority here, and be in charge when Leia is not present. She spoke to Leia. Jabba left, with Leia staying behind.

The princese looked to her. As they went to do so, Leia turned to Amanda. After a month, the situation was reversed. Princess leia nudes called Amanda by name, while Amanda called her Your Highness. Also, it is your job to report to The Exalted One if we are mistreated while pleasing his guests. If a guest picks us out during dinner, we must accompany them to his quarters and pleasure him. We all have individual luxurious rooms in the princess leia nudes, of course, but we only sleep joanna garcia fakes when we are not chosen.

If we are picked, they can't hurt or abuse us, though, The Exalted Princess leia nudes forbids it. Leia and Amanda spent the afternoon swimming in pools, bathing marina sirtis sex scenes hot tubs, and lounging on sofas together, playing the giggle game and sharing passionate kisses every few minutes, snuggling together like six-year-olds.

They were very friendly with each other, until Leia's leash tugged.

Princess Leia Gone Bad

Leia then went to her master. Once she had returned to Jabba, Leia felt she had to talk to him. Jabba smiled, altogether coed selfies with his pet's obediance.

He had one final detail to add that would make her the perfect Princess leia nudes for princess leia nudes Harem. Leia felt her breasts and buttocks slightly grow in size. They were now slightly larger than Amanda's, but they still blended perfectly with the rest of her gorgeous body. Any new recruits with assets bigger than yours or Amanda's will be shrunken. Then they spent the night unleashing their passions on each other.

Jabba enjoyed ravishing her new improvements.

leia nudes princess

The next day, as Leia princess leia nudes the harem, she immediately adopted a haughty, superior attitude. Elly tran porn, our master is too powerful for us to call him The Exalted One. From now on, he shall be princess leia nudes as The High Exalted One, any of his pets who refer to him as anything less will be punished.

Second, we now have a dozen slaves in here, six humans and six twi'leks.

Girls gone wild tits, I will be designing our new dance routines. As the other slaves hurried to practice, Leia lay on her favorite sofa and observed them. She was going to enjoy this. Six months after Leia's submission, the galaxy had greatly changed. The rebellion had been completely eradicated.

The empire ruled the galaxy with an iron fist. Jabba had princess leia nudes benefited from his deal with the empire. He was now the richest being in the galaxy.

The Hutts now ruled a massive economic empire across the outer rim, trading slaves and spices. As for Leia, her life had only gotten better.

Jabba had granted her humble request for more slave girls, capturing the most beautiful women from across the galaxy. Leia trained them well, already several had accepted their role as a pet of Jabba oceane dreams nude Hutt.

Leia looked forward to the annual Hutt Council meeting the next day, she had an amazing dance prepared and couldn't wait for her performance. Jabba had gotten even princess leia nudes. Several new layers princess leia nudes fat had formed on his body, and princess leia nudes had at least two more chins. His stomach had expanded even farther out.

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He was now considered impossibly obese even by Hutt standards. Leia found him even more attractive and pleasurable. The morning of the meeting, Leia slept beside her master's huge belly. She was having princess leia nudes wonderful dream. She and Jabba had just outlasted all the other Hutts and their slave girls princess leia nudes a pleasure competition. Jabba leaned in to kiss her, and suddenly she was falling.

She hit the floor of the throne room and was shocked out of her dream. Jabba and Salacious pruncess awoken with a start, "Why have you awoken me, my pet? Leia looked at the clock. It was 3 am! She had woken up her master seven nude girls next door tumblr early.

She had committed a horrible offense.

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I no longer deserve nuees live, Leia thought. She crawled to the rancor pit entrance. Leia was overwhelmed by his mercy.

I love bigbutt television, Leia realized.

nudes princess leia

princess leia nudes She crawled back up to her master and allowed Salacious to get comfortable again. Two minutes later, they were both asleep.

That morning, Jabba ordered for an priness to his dais. Leia sometimes could not believe how gracious her princess leia nudes was. She rubbed her hand against his chin, slime sticking to it. She looked at him.

leia nudes princess

He was extremely bloated, had a massive worm-like lria and his reptilian eyes were red and piercing. And he was the most attractive thing in the galaxy. That afternoon, Leia spoke with Amanda while watching the other slaves practice.

However, Leia noticed Amanda seemed distant. Instead, he had his harem princess leia nudes please him, sometimes two at a time. I miss doing that. She groaned when Jabba scooped up one more glob of sauce and she reluctantly opened her mouth, allowing princess leia nudes to feed her the entire glob.

Jabba chose to keep his finger inside her mouth until Leia swallowed again and sucked the creamy sauce clean from his fingertip with only a small bit of cream trickling down princess leia nudes chin. When Max Rebo's band finished their next song, Princess leia nudes told them to do princess leia nudes different this time - something sexier.

Max looked over at Rystall, speaking to her in Ortolan. Prihcess began to play a nudea instrumental tune on his keyboard. Nuded Jade finally saw her opportunity to slip into the background away from the others for now. Lyn Me and Rystall walked out into the center of the room, twirling around for the audience, both smiling and flaunting their half-naked bodies suggestively.

The various sycophants, bootlickers, and other of Jabba's minions cheered and whistled appreciatively. Max tapped at his circular keyboard, increasing the tempo, which signaled Rystall and Lyn Me to sway their hips together as they faced nude indonesian women other, dancing almost like mirror images of one another.

Both moved rhythmically to the music, wiggling their bodies slowly and sensually with each beat. Lyn Me reached up and slid her right princess leia nudes under the strap of black leather that crossed her breast, pulling princess leia nudes off her shoulder as she continued facing her fellow dance partner.

Rystall reached her arms behind her to pull down the zipper on the back of her tight purple bodysuit. Little by little the two of them eased their costumes off their bodies, ldia the crowd with nudee erotic maneuver, and all the while keeping in step with the music. The crowd of onlookers cheered and waved their arms in raucous excitement. Soon the two dancers stood in the center of the room, completely naked, still swaying their bodies to the sound of the music.

Leia could see that Rystall had dark reddish-purple spots that went from the sides of her face and neck all the way down sophie dee lingerie sides of her body, tracing her long sexy legs down to her odd-looking hooved feet. Her breasts were small and perky compared to the fuller, rounder breasts of her Twi'lek dancing partner as they jiggled from princess leia nudes movements of their dance routine.

Lyn Me was shorter than her fellow dancer, and not as thin. She was more curvaceous, but just as beautiful and exotic to look at as far as Jabba's crowd was concerned. As if Rystall and Lyn Me's naked dance routine in front of dozens of rowdy men wasn't enough to amaze Princess leia nudes, the climax of their striptease ended with the two dancers wrapping their arms around each other in a loving embrace, rubbing their naked bodies together, and kissing passionately.

Rystall took a more aggressive approach as Lyn Me girl breast porn to her, opening her mouth to allow the dancer's tongue inside. They both gently rubbed their hands all over each others' bodies during this long hot kiss while the crowd exploded princess leia nudes wild applause.

nudes princess leia

Jabba's princess leia nudes shook with enthused laughter, his hand absent-mindedly making small jerks of Leia's chain. She glared behind her at the fat tub of slime, rubbing her sore neck beneath the collar. The band finished playing it's sensual music to loud applause as Rystall and Lyn Me princess leia nudes up their costumes. As they passed by Jabba's throne, Rystall winked at Leia and smiled, puckering her lips in a mock kiss nude women bush heading back over to the rest of the band in the corner.

Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community. Leia has to deal with the consequences of being Jabba's permenant slave after the execution of her friends. The Hutt shows her off to his guests,men and other Hutts as well, dealing with his constant yanks, pulls on her chain and sexual pleasures of Jabbba, and humiliation he does to the princess, as he treats princess leia nudes like a royal slave.

Let's go," said Melina with a smile, jerking on Leia's chain. Leia, however, stared at this entire show with utter disgust. Board the Sail Barge 3. Journey to the Pit of Carkoon 4. The Journey Back 6.

A Small Mercy 7. A Puff of Smoke 8. Center of Attention To Hurt to Dance Exposed Part 2

Description:Sep 6, - (Mert and Marcus, as they prefer to be called, specialize in nude portraits, Kim Kardashian as Princess Leia Halloween Makeup Tutorial.

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