Exhibition Description


Exhibit Objects, Floor Plan and Visual Design

The exhibit objects consist of

  • photos and graphic illustrations

as well as

  • physical replicas and models.

The photos and illustrations are of the Shroud itself full size as well as close-ups of details illustrations from research materials and of relevant historical occurrences and individuals

The replicas and models will be of relevant objects from Roman, early Christian or mediaeval times; models of old Jerusalem, of an ancient Israeli tomb, exact facsimile of the Shroud itself, various Biblical, historical and archeological objects


An enormous amount of research and documentational material has been published on the Shroud of Turin. We have chosen what we believe to be the most relevant and essential selection to include in the exhibit.

We present the material in such a way as to make it attractive, clear and easily comprehensible.

Although the subject matter is of a serious and somber nature we are aware of the fact that information is transmitted best when presented in an aesthetic framework and entertaining manner.

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Exhibit Contents & Shroud Infos

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Each hall will have a basic color motif of dark red, dark blue or dark green.
  The walls will be covered with a non reflective velvet cloth or finely grained wallpaper.
  The photos and illustrations will be mounted on a back-lit frame and fixed several inches away from the walls.
  Sources of indirect lighting (in colors complementary to the hall motifs) will be installed in the spaces between the illustrations and the wall.
  The pictures will thus appear to be floating over a glowing, colored shadow.

















Musical Ambience

  Serene, beautiful, harmonious, (yet not overly solemn or melancholy,) mostly classical music will play unobtrusively in the background throughout the exhibition area.

  The musical content will be several hours long and sufficiently varied so as not to appear repetitive.






Buffet/Snack Bar,
& Rest Area,
Ticket Office and Shop

  The tickets are valid for one day. The visitors can personalize their tickets (name on the back) and may leave the exhibit area at any time and return later.

  Reasonably priced food and drinks will be provided at the snack bar and there will be rest rooms conveniently available.

  This is especially important for visitors who come with small children and for the elderly, or for any visitor wishing to take a brake.






  Exhibit Catalogue & Audio Guides

  The option will be provided of renting audio-guide devices at nominal cost for visitors with visual impairments or those who prefer not having to read the explanatory texts.   An exhibit catalogue, containing all illustrations and photos of the exhibited objects (and more, as well as longer, more detailed texts) will be sold at the shop at a reasonable price.

  [An inexpensive, quality paperback version will be available as well as a more expensive hardcover version with DVD.]





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