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 Shroud of Turin Info & Research Results






Exhibit Contents Outline

Halls Subjects:






Hall #1

What is the Shroud of Turin?

  • Physical depiction and description

  • What Characteristics indicate that the Image could be of Jesus of Nazareth

  • The marks of scourging

  • The crown of thorns

  • The wounds on the side

  • No bones broken

  • Expensive quality and weave of the cloth indicate it once belonged to a rich man (i.e. Joseph of Arimathea)

  • Is the Shroud mentioned in the Bible?

[Illustrations and texts accompanied by excerpts form the
Gospel accounts and Old Testament Messianic prophecy.]






Hall #2

Where did the Shroud come from?

  • Retracing its history from the first century Jerusalem to the present

  • Rediscovery in Edessa and move to Constantinople

  • Captured by Crusaders

  • Protected by the Templar Knights

  • Preserved in France and Italy





Hall #3

Is the Shroud a clever Forgery?

  • No traces of pigment

  • Image is a photo-negative

  • Anatomically advanced depiction






Hall #4

Methods of Determining the true Age of the Shroud:

  • Ancient Middle Eastern production technique

  • The pollen trail

  • Vanillin degradation

  • Carbon-14 Dating





Hall #5

Medical and Forensic Evidence:

  • Scourge marks

  • Nail wounds in wrist and feet

  • Wound on the side

  • Separation of hemoglobin and plasma

  • Death occurring soon after crucifixion            

[corroborating Bible texts]





Hall #6

How did the Image get on the Cloth?

  • Chemical interaction, Radiation

  • The sharpness of the image strongly suggests that only a sudden burst of energy could have produced the photographically clear image.


[relevant Bible texts, i.e. “Behold I show you a mystery …
we shall all be changed, in an instant …“  1.Cor 15]






Hall #7

The 'da Vinci Code' & Knights Templar Connections:

  • Debunking the theories asserting that Leonardo da Vinci was the creator of the Shroud.

  • “Last Supper” imagery: a depiction of the Gospel accounts.

  • Forensic evidence from the Shroud proves Jesus could not have physically survived the crucifixion

  • The Knights Templar and the Shroud of Turin

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A Non-Fiction Interpretation
Leonardo da Vinci's the “Last Supper”





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