"When the enemy shall come in
like a flood,
the Spirit of the LORD
shall lift up a standard
against him."

Isaiah 59:19


  At a time when pseudo-scientific researchers are gathering and presenting alleged evidence ridiculing and perverting the Gospel accounts of the life, crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, the Shroud of Turin is a silent and powerful witness – a standard which the Lord may have knowingly prepared for us, waiting to be raised up in the last days.

And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached
in all the world for a witness unto all nations
  Matthew 24:14

If I be lifted up … I will draw all men unto me.
                                                                                                             John 12:32





The crucifixion and resurrection of Christ
has been the most powerful witness
since the beginning of Christianity

Missionaries spreading the Word to peoples whose languages they often could not speak nor understand, were able to communicate to and touch the hearts of those they ministered to simply through the symbols of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ.

The world has reached a time in which the religions are colliding with one another. It is also a time of great spiritual hunger and confusion. Good hearted, God loving people all over the world are seeking standards by which they can live and raise their children.

At this time, when the disseminators of lies and false doctrines are making tremendous headway in influencing the hearts and minds of the misinformed and ignorant masses of the world, faithful Christians will rise to the occasion.

The Shroud of Turin Exhibition is a powerful tool to strengthen the conviction of believers in Christian lands as well as to reach non-Christians with the Gospel message in an effective yet unobtrusive manner. Missionary activity is forbidden now in major parts of the globe. If presented wisely, the Exhibit would very likely be permitted in many of these otherwise closed areas and be an effective witness without giving the appearance of proselytizing.



Is the Shroud “genuine”

Although 99% of the research evidence substantiates the fact that the Shroud is more than likely indeed genuine, the primary purpose of the Exhibit is not to prove this point.

Neither is the material presented with the intention of supplying the basis for anyone’s faith. We do, however, recognize the fact, that the Shroud has for centuries proven to be a substantial spiritual bridge supporting souls in their faith or progress toward salvation.

Our emphasis is on showing how the Shroud evidence corroborates the Gospel accounts and demonstrates the fulfillment of Messianic prophecy. It is an effective means of introducing seekers to the scriptures and helping them to become receptive to the teachings of the Bible in general. It creates a focal point which brings people into close contact with the message of the Gospels.

But we do, of course, present a comprehensive compilation of the research evidence – the 99% which would tend to substantiate the genuineness of the Shroud of Turin as well as the 1% which would shed doubt on the authenticity of the sacred relic.





Why an Exhibit ?

·       Exhibits can run from several months to over a year during which time they can profoundly impact a very large segment of the accessed population areas. They can potentially reach as many people as movies, at a fraction of the production costs.

·       The advertising for the exhibitions and the publicity generated are in themselves powerful witnesses.

·       An exhibit allows for the presentation of even complex material in an exciting, entertaining and intriguing manner. People take their time while visiting an exhibit and study the objects and information carefully.

·       Visitors often come with friends or family members and bring their children. Exhibits are often sought out by school classes and tourist groups.

·       The exhibit visitors take material with them (distributed freely or purchased at the shop) which they later share with others.

·       If designed in good taste and with reverence, the exhibit hall becomes a shrine and the exhibit a sacred experience which positively influences and edifies all those visiting it.





Although three months is the usual calculation time period for exhibitions, a running time of six months is average and nine months to a year is not unusual. Even at a modest rate of 10,000 visitors per month, each exhibition will reach 30,000 to 100,000 people.
This is not counting the secondary word-of-mouth effect plus the effect of the books and other reading, audio and video materials the visitors take with them and share with others.

With multiple exhibitions going on simultaneously and successively, which the concept envisions, the effect multiplies exponentially. It is easy to see that these exhibits can reach as many, and potentially even more people than Hollywood blockbusters !

In addition to that, whereas at a movie people are bombarded with more information than they can normally absorb for 11/2 to 2 hours, exhibit visitors spend up to half a day observing objects and studying information at their leisure. It is well known that the conscious acceptance of information can override the subconscious suggestions which mass media channels propagate.

Over two million people came
to see the Shroud when it was
displayed last in the year 2000.

It is not to be displayed again
publicly until 2025.





The Exhibition Contents
& Design

The material will be presented alongside relevant excerpts from the Gospel accounts and Messianic prophecy, demonstrating how the essential elements of these are confirmed by the Shroud.

The following link leads to articles giving some examples of how this would be done and to a description of the physical design of the exhibits:

           please follow link at the bottom of the page:
Shroud Exhibit Design & Content Preview





Financing and Commercial Feasibility

Exhibitions are generally quite profitable. Ticket prices are on the average the same as for movies. There are special rates for groups and school classes. Merchandising usually accounts for an additional 30% above the ticket income.

The profit generated in the prosperous countries will be held in a trust to subsidize exhibits in poorer areas of the world.

The materials can be duplicated so that several exhibits can run at the same time.   This allows for a more efficient use of advertising.

An initial investment of $ 50-70 thousand would be sufficient to gather, prepare and construct the first exhibition objects. This includes the research and travel involved, design, picture rights, etc. The costs for duplication of the objects for subsequent or simultaneously running exhibitions would be much lower.


The typical cost for an exhibition in a major U.S.
population area, calculated for a running time of three months, would be approximately $ 150-200 thousand. This includes hall rental, administration, object construction and advertising.

These costs can be reduced by over one half to two thirds if a supporting church or organization had sufficient space which it could donate to house an exhibit and a sufficient number of volunteers were to assist with certain administrative functions (tickets, shop sales, …). The exhibit size can be adjusted to the space available. 3000-5000 sq.ft is ideal.

Churches or organizations may wish to sponsor an exhibit or rent the materials to present non-commercially. This would generate additional income to support the project. Also many exhibit visitors will become supporters, helping the project to become self-sustaining.

A well planned and organized, commercially successful exhibit, running three months, would generate (conservatively estimated) an income of $ 200-300 thousand from ticket sales plus $ 60-90 thousand from merchandising.
A successful exhibit
can be extended as long as the visitor numbers warrant it.





The next Steps

Out of respect for the subject which the exhibits deal with, it is only natural that we would wish to present the highest quality content in the most effective and aesthetical manner possible.

Gathering and organizing the content materials; designing the exhibit objects:

There are a dozen or so excellent Shroud of Turin research and archive centers (mostly in the United States) which have valuable information, objects and picture material which could be included in the exhibits.

In addition to the research already done and the material already gathered by the project initiators, these centers should also be contacted or visited to gain additional information and inspiration. This is to make sure that the content is as complete, interesting and up to date as possible.

Once the content has been gathered and decided upon, the prototypes have to be constructed in cooperation with an experienced and appropriately competent design team.


The first trial run exhibitions:

Once all the pieces are in place, the prototype exhibition can be presented to the supporters. Trial exhibitions can be conducted without great expense, using the facilities of churches or appropriate organizations, to test the reactions of visitors.

Appropriate alterations can be made if necessary and, if all goes well, a commercial exhibit can be conducted in one location or in several locations simultaneously.

As sufficient funds become available, the textual content of the exhibits can be translated, the objects duplicated and presented worldwide. It should also not be difficult to find partners, if necessary, in all areas of the world who would wish to cooperate with us in presenting the exhibits in their area.

Penetration into all population areas:

The general strategy, is to begin in large population areas and then to proceed into smaller cities and towns. If the advertising and promotion was done well, people who live far from the larger metropolitan centers will already have heard of the exhibits. By the time one comes to a city closer to them, they will be informed, interested and will visit.




The Initiators of the Project

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Some Further Interesting Aspects:

The Shroud of Turin and the ‘Da Vinci Code’

Interestingly enough, there is a theory which contends that the Shroud is a brilliant hoax and Leonardo da Vinci the hoaxer. Hanging on the coattails of the popularity of the ‘Da Vinci Code’, a documentary film has come into circulation which, having already been broadcast on the History and Discovery Channels, is now making the circuit worldwide.

The thesis put forth in the film is easy enough to refute as numerous historical references have been documented attesting to the fact, that the Shroud was a well know relic long before Leonardo was born.

The connection, however, allows us to present information which, in the same context, refutes the ‘Da Vinci Code’ theses as well.

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Design & Content Preview page to the related article:

"A Non-Fiction Interpretation of the Last Supper"





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