The Shroud of Turin Global Exhibition Society
   is a non-denominational Christian, non-profit organization

Main Office:

1550 Elizabeth Street
Pasadena, CA 91104

European Office:

Witthauergasse 25/15
A-1180 Vienna, Austria       

tel:  +43 1 478 0946,  fax :  +43 1 478 9135


Chief Administrative Officer

TIBOR ZELIKOVICS was born in Hungary in 1948, emigrating with his family to the United States in 1956. He studied philosophy and political science at the University of California, Berkeley and UCLA; Old Testament theology at the Yeshiva Hebrew Academy in New Haven, Conn.

Mr. Zelikovics has been residing in Europe since 1971, and is co-founder and director of the Vienna Metaphysical Society as well as president of the Metaphysical Society of Switzerland.

Mr. Zelikovics has written hundreds of book-reviews and magazine articles as well as three books and is regarded as a leading authority on the subject of Biblical metaphysics. He is also the founder of one of the most successful spiritual magazines in Europe.


We would like to acknowledge the technical, administrative and/or
legal advisory
support provided by the following individuals:


KLAUS DONA is president of Klaus Dona & Associates International Exhibitions and has been initiating and organizing exhibitions in Europe and Asia for over twenty years.

He is curator of the famous Unsolved Mysteries collection and is the organizer of the prestigious Fine Arts of Austria & the Habsburg Empire exhibitions, presenting some of the most valuable art objects ever exhibited, including works from Peter Paul Rubens as well as original jewelry and rare objects of the Imperial Habsburg Treasury.


WOLFGANG KOVACEK holds a Masters Degree from Vienna University in Economics and Business Administration. His experience includes Internet and Web systems design. He was the publisher of the Austrian New Times Magazine. Wolfgang has eleven years of experience as a security specialist on the Vienna Stock Exchange and presently serves as president of NeXtwork Group, a multi purpose Internet and Communications Service Company.

He is also the founder of the “Hollywood Transformation” and “His Power Portal” ministries. (see also: , and )


DR DAVID ANDRADE has successfully raised capital for private companies and authored and executed strategic growth plans as the executive director of RTV International Ministries and as a ministry consultant. He presently is on the faculty of Promise Christian University in the field of Ministry Growth and Administration.

His experience includes Radio Host on KFSG FM, the Foursquare International Radio Station, a staff writer with the LA Voice and author of various books and procedure manuals. He presently serves as the Executive Administrative Director and President of RTV International Ministries.
(see also: )


DARRYL ANKA is CEO of Zia Films & Attractions with skills in the areas of art direction, graphic design, storyboard art, set design, prop & miniature design & fabrication and has worked on a variety of film and television projects, such as: the “Star Trek” motion pictures, “Flags of our Fathers”, “Stealth”, “Aviator”, “I, Robot”, “The Day After Tomorrow”, “Dragonheart”, “Red Planet”, “The Time Machine” …


Or team also draws on the experience and resources of a large number of illustrious scholars, lecturers,
and scientific and religious institutions knowledgeable in the fields of Shroud history and research.